What choice of catering for your co-workers during a seminar?

Menus are adapted to your seminar agenda and the succession of meetings; buffets are appreciated at lunch time for their fluidity that is compatible with your rhythm, light but gourmet food rich in vitamins in order for your team to stay attentive.

At night, a more delicate instant, a seated dinner is served for a more relaxed and gastronomic moment.

The three Chefs and their teams work on their menus a fews days before your arrival according to their inspiration : no menu to follow, no choice to make! You just have to let yourself be guided by our Chef inspiration that relies on the season’s vegetables. The co-workers’ food particularities as well as their wishes will be taken into account and our Chef will adapt the menu to best suit their food diet.

Pour la soirée un moment plus délicat, un diner servis à l’assiette, pour une soirée détente et plus gastronomique

Les trois chefs du Groupe Moulin de la forge et leurs équipes travaillent leurs menus, quelques jours avant votre séjour selon leur inspirations pas de cartes, ni de choix à faire ! Simplement se laisser guider par l’inspiration du chef et les saisons, bien entendu  les contraintes alimentaires de vos collaborateurs seront pris en considération ainsi que vos envies.