When and why doing a seminar?

Well define the objectives of your seminar

When they started to appear within the companies’ agenda, seminars were relatively simple. It was about gathering co-workers of the company in a same place for a few days of common work. Since then, management specialists have enlightened the importance of scheduling seminars. An essential step of this planning consists in identifying the objectives you are pursuing.

Incentive or working seminar?

A sales seminar use to have two objectives: get work to progress and do team building. Before establishing your program, it is important to know which objective is more important to you. As such, you’ll be able to ideally divide the available time between your first objective and the second. Do not neglect your second objective; it will act as “breath” between the sessions dedicated to the first objective. It is crucial to the well balance of your program and the well-being of the participants.

Which objectives to follow?

Once you have chosen the general orientation of your seminar, you’ll have to describe more precisely your objectives. Whether the prime objective is incentive or work, it is important to list and detail the sought results. Here are a few examples: improve contacts between administrative and sales teams, train the employees to the new computing system, improve relationships between the different levels of hierarchy, and prepare a communication campaign…

Once these markers implemented, you can step into the more entertaining part of the organization such as looking for the site. Organizing a seminar in Paris? Or rather in the south of France? And why not choosing a place in the countryside?