Why organizing a seminar?

Well define the objectives of your residential seminar

Long ago, enterprise seminars used to be a relaxing moment. It has evolved – in content and in style – to become today an indispensable management tool. When residential seminars appeared, forty years ago, it used to be a staging where only management got to speak. From now on, seminars are not only the occasion to gather and unite co-workers, but also to meet various objectives.

Before starting the organization of your seminar, you should define the objectives you’d like to meet…

A diversity of themes in line with your objectives

  • Team cohesion: by strengthening ties between people within a same team, you will improve your staff effectiveness
  • Motivation & Recuperation: gathering your co-workers for a relaxing moment in a non-professional environment is a way to invigorate your team
  • Reward: following convincing results, it can be wise to reward your co-workers that would then have the feeling that management takes into account their efforts.
  • Training: a seminar can also aim to train your teams to certain practices or raise awareness of certain themes.

To conclude, defining objectives is a crucial step in the organization of a residential seminar. Before going into it, it is important to do an internal audit and assess the possible dysfunctions (lack of motivation…) to which your seminar could respond.